Sunday, February 5, 2012

My First Fair Isle

I've never tried Fair Isle knitting before, but this morning while I was washing my hair I got a brilliant idea. I had the idea that I should not only try Fair Isle for the first time today, but I should also make my own pattern! I figured it couldn't be that hard, since I only wanted to do simple hearts around a coffee cozy.

I got out the graph paper (well, printed it from a free graph paper website- you can find anything online!) and drew up a chart. Then I got to work knitting. I had to watch a Youtube video to see how to carry the second yarn (I watched my Aunt Linda show my sister, but forgot).

Pretty soon I had this:

I was pretty excited! But then I felted it, since my coffee cozies are knit bigger than the coffee cups. The hearts got a bit distorted, and they even resemble lips.

I'm going to change up the pattern just a tad and see how it felts.

Hopefully I'll have a couple cozies in the shop soon!


Becky said...

Great job! I love it... hearts or lips! Very cute :)

Deb said...

Those 'lips' are too funny! Good job making them! I just can't imagine knitting...too hard for me but you and Becky make it look almost easy!! Love, Momma

Deb said...

I keep forgetting to compliment you on your banner photo. It's just gorgeous Katie! The colors are so deep and clear! Love that night sky! Love you, Momma

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