Friday, October 7, 2011


Two weeks ago I went to visit my dad and go to the county fair (post on that coming soon). While I was there, I asked Dad if he could help me with a project. Dad is good at building stuff (like the goat stand) so I thought he'd be the perfect one to help me make a couple soap molds.

These soap molds run anywhere from $30-$45ish dollars online, and I knew we could build them for a fraction of that cost.

In no time at all we had 2 soap molds made! We used wood he already had in his garage, and only had to buy the bolts and wingnuts. Each mold cost about $6.00.

These are 4 pound molds, which means they hold 4 pounds of soap. There's a "track" on one side so the soap can be cut into even 1" bars. The end pieces of wood come off so the soap can be easily removed.

I've used these molds a few times already, and I love them! They need to be lined with wax paper first, so the soap doesn't stick. Then the soap gets poured in and the whole thing goes in the fridge for 24 hours so it can set.

After 24 hours the soap gets taken out of the mold, the wax paper gets removed, and the soap goes back into the mold for slicing.

I just now realized I need to keep the end on the mold while I'm slicing so I get more even bars. Doh!

And here are the bars after they've been sliced. They've still got to cure for at least 4 weeks before they can be used.

I've got some soap ready for sale, but they were made with a different mold so they're not quite as pretty as these bars. I'm debating adding them to my Etsy shop now, or waiting until my craft show in December to sell any. I'm not quite sure yet!


Becky said...

I'll have to place an order for soap once it's ready!! Great job making the molds! :)

Deb said...

I love that soap box and the slicing section! Great job Katie! I hope you sell a lot of your soaps - they're beautiful! Love you, Momma

Kelly said...

What kind of soap is it? Cold Process? I have never put mine in the fridge and I'm curious.

katiegirl said...

Yes, it's cold process. I read that using milk makes the soap heat more and wooden molds tend to insulate that heat, causing a darker soap, so they recommend putting it in the fridge to keep it nice and cool!

Kim said...

I think it's time for a giveaway!

Jennifer said...

Would you share your soap recipe or is it a secret... I really want to make goat soap one of these days. I love that you & your dad made your own molds. I need to look into that too. Very cool post :)

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