Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Yarn Harlot Was in Town!

My sister, Becky, and I are both fans of the famous knitter, Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. She's a hilarious lady who has a fabulous blog called The Yarn Harlot. Even if you're not a knitter, you would appreciate her humor!

She's just come out with a new book and is touring the US (she is Canadian) and she came to Baltimore for a book signing last night! We're about an hour and forty minutes from Baltimore, so I decided to go see her! I was really excited and was going to buy 2 of her books- one for me and one for Becky. I was going to get them signed, and give Becky her book as her birthday present. Since Becky couldn't come with me, I decided to take a picture of her along with me so I could show Yarn Harlot and maybe get a picture of the "three" of us.

Here I was, starting out on the trip, just me and my 2-D sister. I was happy. Full of hope and excitement.

I got about 45 minutes away from home and noticed the car was running hot. Very hot. Almost-overheating-hot. I turned on the heat full blast and managed to get it to a WaWa (gas station). I called David and he had bad news. If the car wasn't low on coolant (which it wasn't), then it was probably the thermostat and I really shouldn't drive to Baltimore unless I wanted to permanently damage the engine. AAAAUUUUGGGGGHHHHH!!! I was so frustrated.

So there I sat in the Wawa parking lot, with the hood up, wondering why this crap always happens at the worst possible time. I called my brother, Chris, who happens to live in Baltimore, since we were planning on meeting up after the book signing. I told him the news, and he told me he was going to make a few calls. I decided to try to limp the car home, stopping and letting it cool down if I had to.

Chris called a few minutes later and said he cleared his schedule and offered to come pick me up and drive me to the signing! I really wanted to take him up on his offer, but I was afraid of having to drive the car back home late at night and having it break down. I figured I better head back while it was still light out.

So Chris did the next best thing! He went to the book signing for us (I say us, because Becky was going in spirit). How awesome is he?! So my non-knitting, very hip, drummer-in-a-band brother spent 2.5 hours at the signing, waiting to get the books signed for his lucky sisters! He got to meet the Yarn Harlot and he told the story of the broken down car. And she blogged about him!!!! SO EXCITING! You may be thinking it's not a big deal, but it's a huge deal! She's famous! Here is her blog post, if you'd like to read it. Becky and I owe Chris big time! We are incredibly lucky to have such a sweet brother!


Becky said...

I have the best sister and brother in the world!! First a sister who was willing to drive almost 2 hours, print out a picture of me, and get a book signed for my birthday.... and then a brother who totally saved the day!!! Thank you so much, guys!!! :) Love you!

Angela said...

Your brother really does get the kudos. He's awesome! And I hope your car is okay!

Deb said...

What a wonderful brother/son Chris is!! We are so lucky to have him in our lives! I am such a lucky mom to have you all as my children! I am so happy he got the signed books for you and that he made her blog!!!! You are all famous now and what fun Yarn Harlot is! Life is good! Love you, Momma

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