Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's Back!

Remember the ram lamb we had processed? I sent his hide away to be tanned, and it came back today! I'm so thrilled to have it. I was really fond of that ram, and now even though it may sound weird, it's like I get to pet him whenever I want!

It's gorgeous! And it's pretty big.

I love the variation of color in the fleece.

This is the underside.

The leather is very soft and supple. I got a washable tan, which means it can be put in the washing machine!

I sent it to Bucks County Fur Products in Pennsylvania, and they did a great job and I'll definitely use them again. They don't have a website (I believe they're Amish) but their info is:

Bucks County Fur Products
PO Box 204
220 1/2 N Ambler Street
Quakertown, PA 18951


Anonymous said...

Wow! It looks fantastic!! That lamb really did well for you. He was able to father your ewe lambs, give you meat to eat, and now a soft fleece to keep you comfortable. His fleece is so beautiful. They did a great job. That's really neat that you can machine wash it. I never would have guessed they could do that.

*sigh* blogger won't let me sign in again. This is Becky :)

Jennifer said...

Its Beautiful lookin, looks soft too :)

Kim said...

We really want to do this with our first steer that is to go to butcher next week. Did the butcher arrange it for you or did you have to take it? Or maybe you did the processing yourself? Tell me more.

katiegirl said...

It was really easy, Kim! I made sure to tell the butcher that I wanted the hide for tanning (so he knew not to keep it or cut it badly). Then he was nice enough to salt it for me since it was going to be a couple days until the lamb was ready to cut up. If your butcher can't salt it for you, I'd pick it up as soon as you can (preferrably that same day!). Then spread it out leather side up, trying to have it sloped so water drains off. Then use fine salt and spread all over it (not too thickly) so it can start drawing out the moisture. You may have to re-apply the salt. After about a week or so it should be dry and ready to send in. With Bucks County, you just mail the hide and tell them what you want done with it, then they'll mail a bill once it's done. You send in the payment and they'll mail you the hide.

Your steer hide would be great! And I'll beat it'll be HEAVY before it's tanned!

Deb said...

I have to say that I still don't know what to say about that Harry and the Hendersons hide. I am glad you are happy but it freaks me out a little. ;-) Love, Momma

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