Thursday, August 26, 2010

Purl's Family Reunion

Purl went on a road trip yesterday to the next county over to the farm where she was born. She is going to stay there until the first of November so she can get bred! I was originally thinking of just breeding her back to her son and using the lambs as freezer lambs, but I decided that if I could breed her to an unrelated ram, I could sell those registered lambs as breeding stock at a higher price.

Purl's breeders were nice enough to let her come back to the farm to be bred. While I was there, I got a better look at Purl's mom and sisters. Boy, they really look alike! Their faces are very similar. Her breeder said Purl's mom has had triplets several times, so I have high hopes for Purl this breeding season! It would be great to have triplets.

I felt a little sad when I dropped her off. Not only because I'll miss her (two months can seem to take forever!), but because I wondered what she thought about things. Was she scared in a new place? Does she remember her flock? She certainly seemed to settle right in, and when the group was turned out on pasture, she went right to grazing. I'm pretty sure she did remember the flock. I read this study a few years ago and it seems like it is true because Purl settled right in so fast.

Scooter also came along. I can't go on a road trip and leave my best boy at home! He likes to lay back against the seat and watch the scenery pass by.


Becky said...

I love Purl :) I wish I could snuggle her face :) I bet she remembered her old buddies and will be just fine until you go to get her again. I love the picture of her in the back of your car. Scooter looks so happy going along with you :)
Good Luck Purl! I hope you find a nice boyfriend! ;)

Deb said...

I love that picture of Scooter! Don't you wish you could clone him? I think you could have an entire house of Scooches and it would be great. He's an amazing boy! Good luck to Purl and I hope you won't miss her too much. She's such a love. Purl loves having her babies so it's great she'll be a mommy again! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

Scooters funny... our Hank would have his face out the window! I bet it was sad leaving Purl... hopefully the next 2 months will go by fast for ya.

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