Sunday, August 29, 2010

I Love Saturdays

I love Saturdays because you have the entire day to do whatever you want. It's not like Sunday, which is really half weekend/half weekday. Yesterday, David and his dad hung the hammock on the stand for me. It was such a nice day I couldn't wait to head out there and start relaxing!

I brought out a quilt (we got this one on our honeymoon) and a pillow so I could be comfortable.

I also brought something to snack on.

But before I even had a chance to sit in the hammock, look what happened!

I kicked them out and then got set up. You can't sit in a hammock without a pull-rope. See, now you can pull the rope to rock the hammock and it barely takes any effort!

Ahhh.....this is the life.

Scooter relaxed right along side me.

I love you, Saturday.


Jennifer said...

LAZY SATURDAYS ROCK! Love the post girl, very cute! I love our hammock and relax in it EVERY chance I get :)

Becky said...

Wow! I wish I could transport myself into your pictures! It looks like the perfect way to spend an afternoon! Are those strawberries in your lemonade? I love jar and pitcher!

Deb said...

How very wonderful and what gorgeous pictures! I am so happy you took time out just for you! You sure deserve it! It just looks dreamy!! I have my hammock in my sunroom since it was too hot to use it at the lake. Aren't hammocks great? But yours is totally amazing hon! Thanks to David and his father for setting it up for you! Love you, Momma

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