Friday, June 25, 2010


I have had some random thoughts lately and I just wanted to write them all down. Bear with me.

-It's hot here. Hot and dry. Hot and dry and humid. My hair hates humidity. Also, I drive the vehicle with no A/C, which means unless I want to die of heat stroke I have to have the windows down while driving. This means my hair blows in my face, which I happen to HATE. I have these little fly-away hairs that are too short to go in my ponytail, so they whip around like crazy, getting in my eyes and sticking in my mouth. So I found an elastic headband to help.
It helps keep the hair out of my face, but it doesn't make my hairdo look very pretty. *sigh*
*And please excuse my dirty mirror. It's very old and those spots are permanent. :)

-Sometimes (all the time) I think about all the stuff I want to do, in addition to what I'm already doing. I feel like I should bake all our bread, I feel like I should sew more, be more attentive to the garden, do more projects on the To-Do list, etc. In reality, I keep fairly busy. I just always feel like I need to do more. My mom recently left a very nice comment on my last post saying how much I'm getting accomplished. This kinda made me wake up and realize that I *am* doing a lot. I need to work on taking more time to relax and enjoy myself. Life is no fun when I'm constantly worried about doing more things.
-One thing I definitely need to do is set up my veggie stand this weekend. We're getting more squash and zucchini than we can keep up with, so it's time to sell it!
-I also need to get my egg sign made and put out front so I can sell some of my eggs. My hens are steadily laying.
-Speaking of my hens, I lost a layer yesterday to the heat. Well, I assume it was the heat. She was only a year old and seemed healthy.
-I've been on a roll lately eating right and exercising. It's working...I'm down 7.5 lbs! I'd like to lose about 22.5 more! I'm finding that I'm not nearly as hungry as I used to be, and I don't crave junk like I used to.
-I got some free chain-link fencing yesterday. There was an auto-body shop nearby that had some fencing on a flatbed trailer, so I stopped in to ask what they were going to do with it. The guy said anything under 5' tall was free for the taking. I got a roll of 4' tall and a roll of 3' or 4' tall, I didn't measure but it looked shorter. There's another roll on the trailer that I may go back and get, but it was wedged in between some nasty thorny vines and I didn't feel like fussing with it yesterday. I'm going to use the fence to build my ram and buck pen. I need to get on that.
-I'm going to TSC and Lowe's tonight to get stuff for the animals. I am excited. I love shopping for animal stuff. And the best part is I'm using money I got from selling stuff from the animals, so I'm not really spending any out of our pockets.
-My sister has been visiting her in-laws since Monday. I wish she'd hurry back so I can talk to her. I miss her. We usually email back and forth quite a bit during the day, but now my inbox is sad and lonely.
-Season 2 of True Blood was finally released from Netflix this week. So far I've seen the first 4 episodes. I love that show, but the books (by Charlaine Harris) are even better. I wish we had HBO so I didn't have to wait for the DVDs, but it's much cheaper this way. Her 10th Sookie book is out. I'm going to go check with my library to see if they have it. I'd love to relax in the A/C this weekend and read!
-That's all I can think of at the moment. Happy Friday everyone!


Jennifer said...

Nice Random Stuff, lol. I wear my hair just like that! Beautiful, just beautiful :)

Susan said...

Love the hairstyle! I have the same problem with humidity and curly hair --only I unwisely have bangs which are impossible to pull back and curl up crazily this time of year. Congrats on the 7.5 lbs.- I am jealous.

Becky said...

LOL! Your hair made me laugh. I love it! and your expression :) Cute :)
I know what you mean about feeling like there's so much more you should be doing. I agree with you though that you need to be easier on yourself and just enjoy what you have. You've made an awesome little farm and are doing a fantastic job with it. Be proud! :)
Congratulations on losing weight! I'm so proud of you for sticking with exercising! I know it feels good to have your hard work pay off :)

That is great about the free fencing!! Wow! Do you think the boys will jump over the short fencing? Are you going to add a line of electric fence around it too?

I've missed emailing you too :) I'm back now so tell your inbox to be ready! LOL

I probably should have read the Trueblood books too. I like the first season on HBO but the second season didn't hold my interest as much.
*I'm calling Guiness Book this morning and have this nominated for the world's longest comment. LOL!*

Deb said... are so cute! I love that photo! I am amazed at all you get done and have accomplished in such a little amount of time. You should be very proud! I love reading how you take care of and try to save all animals. You do find great deals too! You are a joy Katie girl! Love you muches, Momma

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