Friday, June 18, 2010

A Little Pocket Change

David and I went to the transfer station a few months ago to drop off some trash, and I noticed something up near the building where the people work. The man and woman who work there are really funny and David usually jokes around with them. I saw this wooden house-type thing and mentioned to David I'd like to have it. He asked the lady if she was going to keep it, and she said she was going to use it for her cats, but we were welcome to take it!

We took it home, and I knew immediately what it would be great for. Nesting boxes!

I don't have a "before" picture, but it was just the blue structure with none of the stuff inside. I used scrap materials to build a shelf, then dividers on the top and bottom shelf. Then I built perches and put a lip on each shelf.

Then I painted it.

I only spent $9 making it, and that was for the spray paint! There are a few scratches and chips, but it's really solid and sturdy. I wanted to sell it so I could use the money for my animals (feed, supplies, etc), so I decided to list it on Craigslist. I thought of first asking $50, then I decided $60, and then I posted the ad and thought, "What the heck?!" and listed it for $75! I thought that would give me a little wiggle room in case someone tried to talk me down. Plus, I'd been looking at them online and they're pretty pricey!

Someone called a few hours after I listed the ad and came to buy it that afternoon. He didn't even try to negotiate the price!

I think I'll make a few more nesting boxes to sell, but I'll go with a simpler design like this one. We have a good bit of scrap lumber, so it would be cheap to get started.

I'm trying to figure out what to spend my money on. I've been saving up money from egg, milk (for craft use of course ;-), and soon-to-be veggies sales. I need to get some more feeders and waterers for the poultry, I could use an egg scale and egg basket, I could use materials to build a new ram/buck pen, I want to get some soap and cheese making supplies, and I'm dying to get a Kitchenaid Stand mixer (in Ice, thankyouverymuch)!

*sigh* So many wants, so little money.


Jennifer said...

Holy Cow! Thats Great! It made great nestboxes too! I know what ya mean on needing money for the animals... I've been going through 2 bags of chicken feed in almost a week, I'll be sooo glad when I can let them out to free range again!

Julie said...

What a great find and looks terrific!

Becky said...

Great nesting box, Katie!! It looks so professional. It's so nice to have unexpected money. Good luck deciding what to do with it :)

artsyfish said...

Love the color of the mixer AND the nesting box!

Amanda Silva said...

That was a really cool box! I wish you lived closer- I'd have you making all cool things for me!...And I think you should get the soap making materials....But, I am biased because I want soap!! LOL.
Anyways, I love "re-cycling" materials to make something new from something old. Very Cool!!

Kim said...

so cute! sounds like you better make more.

Dad said...

Katie what a great story!!! I LOVE that David asked her for it and how you turned it into something so nice and made so much money out of it!! love you.

Deb said...

Katie....what a savy business woman you are!!!!!!! Wahoo sweetheart! I know you felt fantastic with that money in your pocket! You did a great job and the paint job made it very classy. Love you, Momma

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