Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Chicks and New Bunny Pics

The eggs in the incubator are starting to hatch! So far it's going MUCH better than the last time (knock on wood). The fan I installed really helps keep the temperatures steady!

So far there are about 6-8 chicks hatched and more on the way!

See the chick's beak in the egg?

This poor chick is resting. It's hard work hatching!

I can't wait see how many are there when I get home!
And the latest pics of the baby bunnies.... This is probably the last time I'll show you, since we scared the 2 babies (I wonder what happened to the others?).
Just after I snapped this pic they darted out of the nest!

Devin grabbed one and I grabbed the other. His had 2 ticks in one ear so we pulled those off.

Then we quickly put them back in the nest, covered them up, and I held my hand over them so they'd calm down and not dart out again. As soon as they calmed down I lifted my hand and we walked away.
I cannot believe how fast they've grown!!! What are they, about 2 weeks old?!!


Jennifer said...

YaY for baby chickies... great hatchin pics. Those baby bunnies are so cute and they do grow so fast... dh said he seen a rabbit in the garden yesterday morning :( But gosh we plant enough to share, lol

Becky said...

Wow, those chicks are doing so well! :) You're going to have eggs coming out of your ears this fall :)
Wow, bunnies grow fast! They certainly are cute. :)

Julie said...

How neat to get to watch them hatch!

Kim said...

What cuties!

Deb said...

You look like you are getting a great hatchout!!! I love that they are all different colors! Sigh... I miss mine being small. Congrats Katie!! The bunnies are so darned cute!! You and Devin did a great job catching them, de-lousing them, and then putting them back! I bet it was such fun holding them. I am sorry that something ate the others. Nature is a tough cookie for sure. What fun you have in your farm life! Loving hugs, Momma

Angela said...

I've got a lazy hen sitting on my eggs. Maybe I need to get an incubator next year. Going on the wish list.

Dad said...

Very nice Katie. I love seeing the chickens hatching. And I can't believe you have the bunnies right there. :-)

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