Thursday, May 7, 2009


We're starting to see some progress around here! I'm in slight panic mode because my brain somehow forgot that moving can be such a long process. I thought three weeks from closing to wedding would be plenty of time. Well, we're still moving stuff and it's been almost a week! If we can just get the house unpacked and in order, I'll be more at ease and I'll be able to focus more on wedding stuff. Mom mentioned earlier that in just two weeks they'd be here! Whew. Lots to do before then.

Yesterday I went to the local furniture auction to find some tables and dressers. All the tables got snatched up for more than I wanted to pay. My favorite table happened to go for $90! Darn. I did manage to get two dressers for $20. I would have payed $20 for just the tall one, but they threw in the short one! The tall one is for our bedroom, and the short one is for Kylee's room. It even came with a cute little round mirror! I painted them white yesterday, but I haven't taken "after" photos yet. Kylee's dresser seemed to bleed through the paint somehow. The top looks kinda dingy, even with three coats of paint. I think I'll find some pretty fabric to lay over top of it!

Here they are:

Well, I better run. Dinner is on the stove and I don't want to burn the house down. :-)


Becky said...

Love the dressers! :) I can't wait to see after pictures. Does the mirror fit on the dresser?

katiegirl said...

The mirror screws into the back like the one on your dresser does! I didn't manage to paint the mirror frame yet, so it'll have to wait until we have more time!

Amy Lue said...

I want to go to this furniture Auction if you got these both for $20! I love the tall one. Did you use Kilz on the little one before painting and also, going over it really well with amonia before painting to cut any grease helps as well.

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