Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Making It Mine

I hate thinking of blog titles. That's only my third one and I already don't like them. :-) This past weekend was busy! I spent Friday night getting things together for a yard sale on Saturday. The whole town has a yard sale on one Saturday in May. It's pretty nice because you don't have to do any advertising. I made $25. Not bad. I still have a bunch of stuff left that we need to take to Goodwill.

Oh wait, I forgot about Thursday. I tilled up a strip in front of the garage and planted lots of flower seeds. I planted gladiola bulbs, sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, Mexican sunflowers, and a few others I can't remember right now. I can't wait until they grow up and start blooming! I really think they'll look good in front of the garage.
Ok, back to Saturday. My friends Lindsay and Jenny came over. We were going to have a bridesmaid weekend! It's too bad my sister couldn't come up, but NC is a long way and it didn't make sense for her to come all the way when she's going to have to come back for the wedding anyways! They helped me get the chicks' pen set up in the garage. Finally they're out of the house and they love it! They're really growing too. I'll post pics of them tomorrow. We went out to dinner Saturday night, then went to play the slots at Dover Downs. We got kicked out after about 10 minutes because they thought some of our accessories were questionable. Darn! We went over to a little bar and hung out for the rest of the night. Sunday they helped me make a bazillion of Martha Stewart's tissue paper pom poms. That was a huge help! It would have taken me forever to do those by myself.

I spent Sunday afternoon getting the new flowerbed tilled and transplanting the dozens of plants from the old place. I was dead tired. It's looking really good, but now I have to get mulch to finish the job. I'll also show you pics of that tomorrow hopefully. Things are coming along! I definitely feel more at home now that I can do stuff to make it mine. I'll leave you with a shot of the livingroom! I'd love to get a slipcover for that loveseat and a nice big rug for the floor, but it'll have to wait until I have more time and money!


Becky said...

I'm so glad it's starting to feel like home. I I can't wait to see those little chicks soon :)

Nicole B. said...

I've always loved those tissue paper pom-poms - so very cute! You should check overstock.com for slipcovers - sometimes you can get a pretty good deal. :D

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