Saturday, May 2, 2015


 Devin went to a dance at the middle school. It sounded fun...with black lights and a candy buffet. I wanted to go too!
 He's getting very tall!
 Last weekend, David and I attended our friends' wedding. It was a chilly night, but a beautiful wedding.

 The cake was sooo pretty, and it was delicious!!
 David was nice enough to snap a few pics of me.

 And he even posed for a picture together. He hates having his picture taken.
 Pictures of them taking pictures. Ha!
 Our local library had a book sale yesterday. I managed to find some things for the kids, and also got a few things for myself too!  Only $11.50 for everything.  There were HUNDREDS of books there, so I'm so happy I managed to find Animal, Vegetable, Miracle and The Omnivore's Dilemma.  Those are great additions to my "library".
 2 new rabbit kits born. Luckly we were able to save them, as they were born on the wire and were very cold when we found them.  Now they're thriving!
 It's that time again...grazing season!  I've been moving the electronetting around so the animals can graze around the yard.
And I broke out the incubator after a few years of it being in storage.  These eggs are a combination of breeds.  The really dark ones are Black Copper Marans eggs, along with some Birchen Marans, and a Cuckoo Marans. Then there are a few Araucana eggs, along with Americana and mutt/Easter Egger eggs.   They should hatch around May 14th!


Becky said...

Katie, you look so beautiful all dolled up for the wedding! Great dress and great hair! :)
Devin is getting SO tall! I'm glad you were able to save the baby bunnies! Great books!!!! I can't wait to see your baby chicks hatch!

Momma/Deb said...

I LOVE those eggs! I hope you have a high hatch rate! Loved your dress for the wedding! Very nice and fun that David took photos of and with you! Devin and Kylee are growing up so is that possible? I wanted to hold that bunny. Why are they so darned cute! I'm glad to see that life is full and fun even with all the repairs being done! Great job Sweetie Pie! Love you, Momma

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