Monday, May 18, 2015

Growing Babies

The chicks I bought at the end of April are growing fast. They're almost too big for their big box now.  
The Speckled Sussex pullets are looking really cute (they're the mottled brown ones).  The Barred Rock pullets are really pretty outgoing, and will run over when I put my hand in to feed or water them.

The baby bunnies are also growing fast!  They're now jumping in and out of the nest box, nibbling on food, and looking adorable.

Sunday (the 17th) was weaning day for the sheep.  The lambs are now living in the pen in the barn, and the ewes are out in their pasture.  They're not very happy with me, but today they've quieted down a bit.  They'll all get their CD/T vaccine in the next few days, and a couple of the lambs will be leaving after this week, going to their new home as 4-H project lambs.

Devin will be showing one lamb for 4-H, and I'm trying to convince Kylee to give it a shot too. So those lambs will stay in the "hog pen" outside, and the others will go back out with the ewes after a couple of weeks.

And he's not a baby, but the rooster was looking especially handsome this afternoon, so I snapped a pic.

The goats still have not kidded, but they're so close.  Ida has gotten quite the belly and her udder is looking good.

And Nessarose has a huge udder already...yikes.

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Becky said...

Wow! Look at how fast everyone is growing!!! I can't believe those tiny bunnies that you revived are already that big! Looks like everyone is thriving :) The lambs are so cute. I can't wait to see goat babies. :) Very handsome rooster!

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