Thursday, January 29, 2015

Another Year, Another Lambing Season

 It's getting close to lambing season here, and there's some work that needs to be done before lambing.  The ewes needed vaccinated (CD/T) and crutched, and I wanted to trim their feet as well.  I brought the girls in the barn on Sunday since the weather was really warm (around 50*F).  You can see in the picture below, Barley is pleading with me to let them out. She knew something was up.

Now I can see all the ewe's udders and vulvas, so I can keep an eye out for impending lambing.  They're not nearly as close as I was hoping they'd be.  Darla, who isn't pictured, is the closest. I'm still guessing she has about 2 weeks left to go. I'd say the rest of the girls are at least a month out.  I'm not crazy about that, since I have to go out of town the first weekend of March, and David isn't all that familiar with what to do with newborn lambs.  Maybe the ewes will wait until I get back!

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Becky said...

I hope you have a great lambing/kidding season this year! I can really see how clipping their bottoms helps. I'm crossing my fingers for lots of healthy, girl babies! :)

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