Sunday, February 1, 2015

Virginia Visit

We just had our 6th annual MLK (Must Love Knitting) weekend, which happens to coincide with MLK Day every year (funny, that).  Usually I drive down to Virginia to my aunt's house on Saturday morning, but this year I left on Friday morning to visit my other aunt!

My sister came up from NC on Thursday night, so we had a girls' day on Friday!  Aunt Theresa took us to Smithfield to have a really great lunch at Smithfield Station. Then we walked around town and looked in all the cute shops. 

There were some really beautiful buildings.  

The bright yellow house was a pet store with some really neat toys in it.  They also had a couple of really cute Yorkie pups!

My sister and I took pictures of each other taking pictures.  We're silly like that.  :-)

There were several statues on benches, so we had some fun with them. I googled, and found this couple is called the "Valentine Couple."

I was trying to have a conversation with Mr. Washington, but he wasn't very talkative.  

And there were lots of pigs in Smithfield, of course!

Aunt Theresa spoiled us and bought us some treats.  I got a cute kitchen towel with a sheep on it, a new toy for the dogs, and a couple treats for David and the kids.  David was a bit weirded out by chocolate bar with potato chips and bacon.  He said next time I should just get him salted peanuts. ;-)

On our drive home, we saw this gorgeous sunset over the river!

After we got home, Aunt Deb was home from work and we got to visit for a little while.  We had really good Brunswick Stew (made by chef Theresa) and cornbread. It was so good!  I had a great time visiting, and I'd love to go back again soon!

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Becky said...

It really was a great day :) I love spending time with you wonderful ladies! :)

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