Friday, January 9, 2015

My Silly Dog

My dog is so silly.  He has dog toys, but he prefers to carry around these little stuffed mouse cat toys.   Sometimes you can barely see it in his mouth.

The dogs recently pulled the stuffing out of their dog bed (I guess they got bored when we were at work one day) and we had to throw it away. They were bed-less for a while, and they thought the idea of laying on the actual floor was beyond terrible. One day Kylee got out of her beanbag, and while she was gone Buford stole her seat.

We have a soft fleece blanket on the couch, which Buford loves very much.  He tries to lay on it whenever he can, but the other night Elmer stole his spot.  Buford was so desperate to lay by me on the blanket, he squeezed in between Elmer and me.  He didn't look very comfortable.  He stayed there for a while before he finally gave up and went to another spot on the couch.

Even though we got a new dog bed, it's made of durable material, not soft fleece, so they think they can't lay on it.  Their preferred spot is on top of us, on the couch.  Elmer lays on David, and Buford lays on me.  Not that they're spoiled or anything.

1 comment:

Becky said...

Awwww :) I love the doggie pics :) I love the picture with Buford curled up in the bean bag.
And Bean (Barley?) is so cute in your banner!

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