Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowy Morning

We ended up getting about 6" of snow last night. This morning it was beautiful outside.  The snow is very powdery, so it was blowing everywhere.  The sky was just gorgeous, too.  I love snow!

It was a pretty quiet morning. The chickens are in the coop, the sheep were fed extra hay in their shelter, and the goats also got hay in their shelter since the delicate little ladies refused to come out and get their tootsies cold.  The rabbits, cat, and rooster are still in the barn.  I let Rocky, the buck, out again to run loose. It's much warmer in the barn, the water didn't even freeze.  It's a little less convenient to feed the animals in the snow, but if you're prepared it's not bad at all.  I do things like leave an extra bucket of water in the chicken coop, so I can refill their water bowl without hauling through the snow.  Little things like that save time in the long run.

I would have loved to stay home today, but I had to go to work.  I am saving up my leave, and didn't want to use it up when I just had so many days off for Christmas and New Year's.  The drive was slow going, but it wasn't too bad.  I carefully snapped a few pictures when I could.

I love my drive to work, it's so pretty.  If you got snow where you are, I hope you enjoy it!  I know I do...the blistering hot, humid days of summer will be here soon enough!


Becky said...

Beautiful pictures! I really wish we'd gotten snow :) Sounds like your animals were nice and cozy last night. :)

Momma/Deb said...

How gorgeous! I'd rather enjoy it through you this year! So very pretty though!! Love, Momma

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