Friday, August 16, 2013

2013 County Fair Goat Show

Monday morning we all loaded up in the truck.  2 adults, 2 children, 4 goats, 4 rabbits, and all our gear.  We headed down to the county fair for the open class goat show.  The rabbits were due to be on the fairgrounds by that afternoon, so we squeezed their crates in the bed with the goats. 

We were ready to show!

We set the goats up in their pens, and then we set our chairs up so we could watch. 

Devin showed Ida in the fitting and showing class.  There weren't many goats (or people) there, so he was the only one in his class. 

The judge asked him a lot of questions about his goat.  He was a little stumped by the anatomy questions.  We need to work on that!

Then Devin and I showed Elphie (closest) and Nessa in the breed classes.  Elphie beat Nessa.

The judge really liked her, and said she had a really nice. level top line and a lot of dairy character.

Elphie then went on to compete with 2 other goats for Junior Champion.  And she won!

I showed June and Ida, but I don't have any pics of June.  Ida beat out June. The judge was very impressed with her udder and capacity for only being a first freshener (meaning she's only kidded and lactated this one time). 

Kylee didn't show this year, but she still had fun.  (David's Aunt Nancy took this picture, and I love it.)

And we were lucky enough to have family come see the show!  David's Aunt Nancy drove down to see us, and my Uncle Larry came up to see us too.  They each drove an hour and a half or more, just to see us show.  We're lucky!

Devin was pretty happy with the big ribbons we got. 

June loves the camera.  Actually I think she just loved when I talked to her.  :-)

More on the fair coming soon! 


Becky said...

Congratulations!! You've got some wonderful goats!! I love that picture of Kylee, too. :)

Momma/Deb said...

What a great day and lots of fun things for the kids to experience. I love the photos and how wonderful to have relatives come to see you all! You looked very professional from the Goat Tote to the showing! Way to go hon! Love you, Momma

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