Monday, March 18, 2013

A Bunch of Randomness

I just got a laptop.  My first one!  Seriously, I can't believe it took us this long to get one.  Our desktop computer is in the basement, so it feels like I was being banished to the dungeon when I wanted to blog or email.  I dealt with it for 4 years and finally this year it was time.  I really love it so far, and I keep trying to think of things to do online so I don't have to part with my new toy!

I figured I'd do a random updates post tonight while I'm still working out the kinks. Windows 8 is tricky so far, and it's a huge difference for me from the "regular" Windows.  I can't figure out how to edit my photos, so sorry if some of them aren't great. 

I went out to the barn today to do chores, and a bird had gotten trapped in the barn.  It must have been either pretty scared, or not the brightest bulb, because the poor little thing landed on the window ledge and let me grab him (although he wasn't happy about it).  Does anyone know what kind he is?  I snapped a quick photo before I let him go (and he didn't even say thanks when he flew away). 

Little Nessa has a favorite spot in the hay feeder.  Every day, this is where she eats.

Elphie came over and tried to steal her spot, but Nessa stayed strong.

The sheep always seem to stick together.

The ewe lamb is very suspicious of me...she watches every move I make, convinced I'm going to eat her.

I think I'm going to have to spend some time with her at weaning so she'll calm down.  I'm still trying to come up with a name for her...

The farmer nextdoor was out spreading manure today.  The man who owns the farm used to raise chickens, and has several commercial chicken houses. Luckily he's not raising chickens anymore, and instead leases his land to a dairy farmer who lives a few miles away.  I'd much rather smell dairy manure than chicken litter!  This farmer was spreading both solid manure and liquid manure.  The solid manure comes from bedding and manure mixed, from areas like barns, runs, alleyways, etc. Some dairies also have liquid manure, which is mainly just manure and pretty runny.  This was solid manure, so it wasn't too fragrant.  Although I have to say, I really don't mind the smell of dairy manure, I guess it reminds me of working on the dairies.

One more lamb pic...she is so cute!!!

Tucker, our outdoor cat, has made himself a little straw nest in the barn.  He loves that spot, and only gets up when I milk June. Then he thinks I'm just sitting there doing nothing, and I may as well pet him.  I try to sneak in a few pets while I'm milking.

After chores, I came inside and made farmer cheese with the milk.  That stuff is delicious.  My favorite is with dill and salt...maybe a little olive oil too.  Do you like how I tie my muslin around the cabinet so the cheese can drain?

Ok, before I go, one last lamb pic. I mean it this time. 


Tayet said...

That little bird looks like a sparrow or finch... can't really tell.

And I agree, that lamb is totally cute! Maybe Jilly or Kizzy for her name?

Becky said...

House Finch? Or as Evan used to say when he was 3 "House B@tch". LOL

Yay, goat pictures! They're getting big and look so healthy! :) The sheep all lined up are so cute! It took me a while to realize that was the ram in the line up. I was wondering what other ewe you had with an udder that big! LOL
Your ewe lamb is so pretty. What about Macy, Willow, Ivy, or Lily?

And Yay about your laptop! I can't wait to see even more blog posts!! :0)

Momma/Deb said...

I want even more lamb photos!! They look great hon! Love and hugs, Momma

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