Saturday, February 23, 2013

Any Time Now

Before I show you more pictures of sheep udders, I wanted to show you what I had to do yesterday afternoon.  My naughty goats are being meaner than normal to the sheep.  I've got a long feeder that should be able to fit everyone comfortably around it.  But nope, the goats have to be divas and bother the sheep.  June is the worst, and Ida takes her cues from June.  Usually June will have one corner on one side, Ida will have the other corner, and the 4 sheep have to eat from the same side.   So yesterday afternoon I got sick of it and threw together a divider so it'll give them a chance to be more civil.  It seems to have helped, and now June can't reach over and butt Ida if Ida gets too close.  That's Ida eating though, she's enjoying a break from the babies out with the "adults". 

Ok, back to sheep udders.  I predict that Barley will be the first one to lamb since her udder seems more developed to me, but that could change. 

Then I think Darla will go.  Poor Darla, I think she feels violated. 

And then this udder...

Nevermind, that's the ram.  He felt left out, so I snapped a shot of him.  I didn't take another picture of Bean's udder, because it's still pretty small.  I'm thinking she's a cycle behind Barley and Darla, which means she'd be due about 17 days from now. 


Becky said...

Those meany ol' goats bossing everyone around. I still love goats though... hmm... I wonder if it's because I like being bossy too! hehe

Wow, the sheep udders have really changed this week! Darla's look back at you is so cute. I really LOL'd at the pic of the ram's "udder". :)

Momma/Deb said...

I cracked up at the pic of the Ram under the listing of udders!!! You are so funny and kind not leaving him out of things! Darla does look a bit bothered by your picture taking!! So cute! Love you, Momma so glad that Blogspot is letting me comment again!!

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