Monday, September 10, 2012

It's Breeding Season!

 It's breeding season here!!  This past weekend two handsome fellas joined us.  The first is Mammoth.  I bought him three years ago from a breeder in NC.  I sold him after that fall, and his owners are nice enough to let me borrow him again!  I'm really excited about him, because he's turned into quite the handsome buck.  Smelly, but handsome.  He's grown up a TON since you saw him last.   He's smitten with Ida and June, and hopefully there will be some action soon. 

 As you can see, he's trying hard to woo the ladies. 

The next young man to join us is this Southdown ram lamb.  He belongs to the breeder who sold me Darla, my Southdown ewe.

He's a good looking guy, and built very "clubby" like the club lambs you see in shows today.  Perhaps I'll sell some lambs to 4-Hers next spring.  He's not as stocky as last year's ram, but he does need to gain some weight.  Hopefully he won't work off too many calories chasing the ewes around. 


I love the Southdown breed's sweet faces. 

He's already enthusiastic about his job as well!

Now I only have to wait until the girls are bred, plus 5 months so I can see the babies.  That'll fly by. Right?  Right? 


Becky said...

What handsome guys :) Mammoth has grown! That ram is so cute. I hope the guys get the job done because I can't wait to see your barnyard full of kids and lambs! :)

Kris said...

Those are handsome fellas. I hope they give you beautiful healthy lambs and kids in 5 months.

It's breeding season here as well. I started early this year. And I am ready for the bucks to GO! I do not remember them being so stinky last year. But I can smell them all over the place and even inside. It's pure nasty. I hope they are doing their job too.

* Crystal * said...

What handsome fellas!! Hope everyone gets settled and you have lots of healthy babies in 5 months :)

And yes, of course time will fly ;)

Momma/Deb said...

That goat is really impressive!! The ram lamb is a cutie. I hope you have great babies this coming year and am crossing my fingers for all girls!! Love you, Momma

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