Monday, August 13, 2012

Feeling Crabby

Maryland is famous for its blue crabs.  Have you ever had them?  If not, you are missing out!  Since we got a boat this year, we have been crabbing every possible spare minute.  Just kidding. We actually just went out yesterday, crabbing for the first time since we got the boat.  Wait, David and his dad went out on Father's Day, but David and I just went out for the first time yesterday.  We've been fishing plenty of times, but not crabbing.  So we loaded up the boat with crab traps and headed out into the river.  After about 2 hours we had about a dozen crabs that were big enough to keep. We saw a TON of little baby crabs too. Hard to believe crustaceans can be so cute. 

We ended up losing 2 traps.  One because I tossed it into too-deep water and the string wasn't long enough to let the float come above the surface (oops), and one because the string was old and broke when I grabbed it to pull it up out of the water! 

So after we crabbed for a while we tried our hand at fishing.  We caught 3 decent sized catfish in a fairly short time, but after the third one we decided we were sufficiently sunburned and dehydrated and headed back home. 

We got home and cleaned the catfish and were overwhelmed with the amount of meat.  Just kidding. We got enough for a decent sized serving for us.  We fried up the catfish, and steamed the crabs.  Then I decided we needed some french fries, so I cut up a few potatoes.  Is there anything better than home made french fries? 

After we showered and got rehydrated, we sat our butts down on the couch, turned on an episode of The Andy Griffith show (we're watching them all on Netflix!) and pigged out.  What a great meal after a great day on the water!


Becky said...

What a fantastic feast!!! Great job! I wish I could have been there to help eat it! :)

Mark said...

Don't show this to your Mom - she'll be singing the Maryland Blue Crab blues ;-)

Momma/Deb said...

Too late..........I saw it and I am sitting here drooling........ Boy that looks so good Katie!! I am so glad y'all bought that boat! How much fun is that!! When you were talking about being dehydrated, I wonder if y'all could have won a champion ribbon but then what category would you enter? ;-)) Love you, Momma

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