Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowy Thursday

I woke up this morning to a winter wonderland. We got about 7" of snow last night. The weather was strange yesterday. It snowed in the morning, then rained most of the day. When I got home in the afternoon it was still raining and there was thunder and lightning! Then it sleeted for a few minutes, then last night it turned back to snow. That's the first time I've witnessed thunder snow!

I love how the snow looks first thing in the morning, when the branches are still covered and there are not dog/cat/chicken/sheep/goat/kid/adult foot prints making it look all a mess.

The sheep were hungry for their breakfast.

I just love Purl's face.

Well, I really just love all their faces. Especially my big wooly bear of a Southdown, Darla.

The place sure looks pretty.

I do miss green grass and leaves on trees though! I'm trying to enjoy winter as much as possible though. Remember how awfully hot last summer was?


Becky said...

What a beautiful snow! I love when it sticks to everything. :) Wow, thunder snow! I've never experienced that. Cool! I love your sheep. They have great mugs. :)

T. Ray Sufczynski (raysuf) said...

Your so lucky to have snow.

Verde Farm said...

Oh Katie-you got great pictures! I too love fresh snow early in the morning. Ever notice how it sounds so quiet--like you’re in a padded room? I love it. I heard on thew news they had the snow thunder at the White House last evening too--very strange but I guess is is a phenomenon we just don’t see too often. Weird I think :)

Jennifer said...

Beautiful Katie. I love the fresh untouched snow of the mornin, so peaceful lookin. I love your sheeps faces too, so cute, makes ya just want to rub them.

Susan said...

Beautiful Snow! I also love how fresh children smell when they come in from playing in the snow (dogs, not so much).
Darla is so thick and woolly, i just want to hug her.

Deb said...

It is very pretty. I am getting sick of snow, but I love your romantic pictures! Love you, Momma

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