Thursday, January 20, 2011

MLK Weekend

Last weekend was the second annual MLK weekend. MLK as in Must Love Knitting! My sister and I met at my Aunt Linda's house for a weekend full of yarn, food, and conversation. You can read about our first MLK weekend here.

When we got to Aunt Linda's house on Saturday we went to visit my Grandma in the nursing home. It was a nice visit. I was glad to see her and I was also able to hang the mobile in her room.

Then we came back home and got ready for the Steelers vs. Ravens game. My sister is a huge Steelers fan, and luckily I don't watch football because I'm from MD and most folks here are Ravens fans. We got set up on the couch with our knitting and settled in for the game. My sister lent me an extra Steelers t-shirt she had so I could help support her team.

Here's Becky with her Steelers paraphanalia, including terrible towels and a miniature Troy Polamalu.

My Aunt Linda was set with her yellow knitting and her black lab puppy (she's a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind) so technically she was supporting the Steelers too!

Mini Troy couldn't help it and got really excited about knitting while watching the real Troy on the field. He couldn't wait to wear his knitted cap.

We also made pizza for dinner. Becky brought some absolutely delicious sausage from her local meat guy back home. Meat guy... as in the farmer who raises the meat she buys.

Then on Sunday we had knitgating. It's sort of like tailgating, only we wear PJ's, eat good food, and knit instead of wearing jerseys, drinking beer, and eating good food. Linda's friends Joanne and Debbie came over to hang out and knit with us. Becky and I are incredibly lucky because all three ladies gave us yarn they no longer wanted after they cleaned out their stashes! Once again we went home with a LOT of gorgeous yarn!

See how much I love it?

We had a really nice afternoon just chatting and knitting.

And poor little Joe the puppy was wiped out after such a fun weekend!

Now I need to sort through all that great yarn I brought home so I can get busy knitting up some projects!!! I'm already looking forward to MLK III.


Becky said...

Are we the luckiest girls, or what? What a fun weekend. It makes me want to sit and knit in my jammies everyday!! :) I love your yarn-kissie face pic! LOL

Jennifer said...

Lucky Girls! Looks like a very nice,fun filled weekend.

I'd love to go crochetgating.

Deb said...

Wow........I just had a deja vu moment! he he thought I had accidently gone back to Becky's post!! What a great weekend and how lucky you are to have Aunt Linda to spoil you both! What fun! Love you, Momma

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