Monday, January 24, 2011

My Stash

Between this past MLK weekend and last year's MLK weekend, plus what I've collected on my own, I've managed to collect quite the stash of yarn. Most of it is from my generous Aunt Linda and her two generous friends, Joanne and Debbie. It was stuffed in storage totes and bags until today. I found three wonderful Ikea bookshelves on Freecycle and we picked them up yesterday. One went in Kylee's room, and the other two went in my craft corner in the basement.

First I laid out all the yarn on a queen sized quilt on the basement floor. It hardly fit on the quilt. I tried organizing it best I could by weight of yarn.

This wasn't quite everything. There was still a little yarn not pictured.

I managed to squeeze it all into the shelves. It looks so much better now, and I can actually see most of the yarn. I do plan on putting the yarn in ziploc bags soon though, just in case moths think it'd make a good snack.

Here's the rest of my craft stuff. The cabinets hold painting supplies, fabric, wool for felting, and sweaters for felting.

One day I'd love to have a craft room, but for now I have to keep it contained in the corner of the basement!


Becky said...

Wow!! Great stash and GREAT shelves! I love that cabinet too. What great yarn/crafting storage! You should post your pics on Ravelry, in the "flash your stash" post! :)

Jennifer said...

So much lovely yarn :)

Have you got any ideas what your gonna start makin with some of it?

Joanne said...

Instead of ziploc bags you might want to look into breathable
pillow bags
sweater bags
or blanket bags

They also work great for their intended use!


katiegirl said...

Jennifer, I'm not sure yet! There are so many possibilities it's overwhelming! I'd like to make a sweater, a few hats, and some socks though!

Joanne, thanks for the bag ideas! Those look great.

Susan said...

Woa! That ought to keep you busy for a while!

Verde Farm said...

That is quite a stash Katie. You have every color known to man there--beautiful. Love that you enjoy creating things--your work is beautiful.

Deb said...

You did a great job!! I love how it looks and know that you want to be able to see your yarn and not have it hidden away!! Love the hutch! Love you, Momma

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