Friday, July 23, 2010

Weekend Project Part 2

David and I got about 95% of the bachelor pen done! All that's left to do is put a wood rail up at the top of the fence (just above the chain link, so we can staple the chain link to the board for more stability), and cut the tops of the post off. I'd also like to make a hay feeder to attach to the barn wall under the shelter.

Do you see that left front corner post? The darn post is bowed! I used the level when I put it in, but I didn't even realize how bowed it was when I used it. Maybe it won't look so bad when the top is cut off?

So the chain link is mis-matched, but I don't think the boys will care. And hey, it was free, so I can live with it too!

We built a little 4'x8' shelter. It's a little more shallow than I'd typically build, but they're going to get a TON of afternoon shade, so it'll just need to give a little shade for the morning and block the rain, which I think it will do just fine.

I'm excited to get them in here. I just hope that Theo (buck) doesn't squeeze his way between the tubes of the gate! If he does, I'll have to put some wire mesh fence on it, but I already have that so it won't cost any extra.

So here's the budget of the pen:

hand-me-down gate=$25
chain link fencing=free
landscape timber posts=$31.76
3 new 2x4s=$8
2 lag screws to hang gate=$11.50
3 small bags of concrete=$8.31
2 large bags of concrete=already had
staples=we already had them
"leg" posts for shelter=scrap lumber
top board of shelter=scrap lumber

total cost=$76.57

Not bad! Plus, I didn't use any of "our" all came from the farm! I saved from eggs, veggies, and "other" sales (let's just say June helped out). It feels good to be able to do projects on a budget!

I'll post better pictures another day. It was getting dark and I ran out to snap these few!


Becky said...

It looks great! Great budget too! That's great that your farm is paying for some of your costs too :)

Kim said...

Once that post is cut, no one would know. I wouldn't have noticed it now if you had not pointed it out. I think it looks like a great bachelor pad!

Dad said...

Katie that's awesome!! And so cheap too! I'm proud of you.

Jennifer said...

Way to go!

Deb said...

Great job making a bachelor pad for so little and off the farm funds at that!!! I am proud of you! Love you, Momma

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