Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This Year's Turkeys

Last year I lost both of my turkeys to what I suspect was Blackhead Disease. Blackhead is carried by chickens and earthworms, and turkeys are affected by it. About 6 weeks ago, two of my turkeys started acting unthrifty, and I thought they might have Blackhead. I got some Metronidazole and treated their water, and they were fine two days later. Knock on wood, they've been fine ever since. I have 12 of them now, 5 broad-breasted whites, and 7 broad-breasted bronzes.

When it got really hot a few weeks ago, I let the broilers and the turkeys out of their mobile pens and let them free-range. It's easier for them to stay cool that way, because they can roam into the hedgerow. Now the turkeys are free-ranging fools!

They really enjoy being able to wander all over and find tasty treats.

They're growing very tall and lanky, but aren't filling out as fast. They remind me of footballs on stilts.

Turkeys are my favorite poultry I think. They're very calm, and seem like they're just observing everything and taking notes. They like to stand near me, and most times will let me pet them for just a second before they slowly move just out of reach. I've you've never raised turkeys you should!


Kim said...

Turkeys! I heard that you couldn't raise them with chickens but I hope that isn't the case. Let us know how they do. I would like to raise Thanksgiving dinner too!

Susan said...

Such beautiful turkeys you have!
My garden tour ladies loved our sweet turkeys this morning - well, all except for one lady who had sandals on and irresistable red toenail polish who kept getting her toes pecked.

Deb said...

I always loved raising our turkeys too Katie! They are funny, sweet, and gentle. I loved listening to the toms make that thumping sound with air on their chest! We got the language down pretty good too! Your turkeys look great and very happy! Ole'Ben knew they'd be a great national bird!!! Love you, Momma

Jennifer said...

Cool... they look kind of funny right now. I've never raised Turkeys, would like to one day :) Atleast I get to watch yours, lol

Becky said...

Love the pictures of them running around. I'm sure they love being free range now :)

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