Monday, November 30, 2015

I thought I'd post some animal pictures since I haven't posted any in a while.

Barley is so photogenic.  Even when she's covered in hay.

The sheep enjoyed a nice meal of hay and grain for Thanksgiving.

 Lucky, the buck, was very interested in my camera.

Ida is so funny, her bottom teeth always show.

Ida was coming into heat, so Lucky was blubbering to everything.  I got a video of some of it.

My Speckled Sussex rooster and one of his hens.
Kylee's doe, Snowflake, had 10 babies a few weeks ago.  The babies are now hopping all around, eating pellets and hay and drinking water (in addition to nursing).
Our American Chinchilla, Marilla, is sure getting big.  She's super friendly, and comes to the door for petting every time we open it.
Kiki, our outdoor cat, has been spending some time inside lately.  I'd like her to get used to coming inside and get familiar with where the litter box is so when it gets cold out this winter she can stay inside overnight. Since Tucker (our other outdoor cat) passed away, I worry she's lonely.  She really loves to snuggle with the dogs (and us). 

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