Monday, June 29, 2015

New Rabbit Cages

We've had rabbits for several years now, and I've recently been wondering if I want to keep raising them or not.  I figured out I wasn't feeling enthusiastic about them because they were sort of a hassle.  It's not like it was hard to care for them or anything, but it wasn't efficient. Their cages were a hassle.  One was a wooden hutch. I don't care for wooden cages...the wood rots eventually. It also catches urine and manure, and really is just extremely difficult to keep clean.  One metal cage was a Tractor Supply special, and not big enough for a doe and a litter.  The other metal cage was homemade, because I was being cheap thrifty and thought I could make one cheaper than I could buy one.  Well, the wire was too cheap and bendy and the cage is wonky.  

So, feeding and watering them wasn't going as smoothly as it could, and we were wasting time every day with that chore.  Finally I broke down and ordered professionally built cages from KW Cages.   I decided to get two 2-hole metal hanging cages. That means it's one long cage with 2 "holes" (or sides).  So, once the cages are hanging, I'll have 2 levels of 2 cages, for a total of 4 holes.  

The cages came in the day we left for vacation, so I had to wait a week to finally get to put one together. I worked on it tonight, and it was super easy to do alone.  

The cages came in a flat box, and needed to be assembled.  I bought a nice pair of j-clip pliers to use to assemble the cages. The j-clips are what you use to clamp around the parts of the cage to keep it together.   

I used the ladder as a work bench, since it happened to be right there on the porch.  The cage came in a few different pieces.  There was the left side, the right side, and the 2 top panels separately.  

Once I got the sides to each half connected, I connected the two halves.  

Then I put the tops on the cage sides.

And voila!  It's finished, and very big and very sturdy!   I also got little index card holders for each cage. We'll use them to record the names of each rabbit, plus things like how much food they get, and if they're bred, etc.  It's hard for the kids to remember when the feeding amounts change.  

Kiki kept me company while I worked.

And she licked my toes.  Weirdo.  Maybe she liked my festive rainbow nail polish.  :-)


Becky said...

Nice cages and nice assembly work! Sounds like a good system for rabbits and the humans who take care of them. :) Kiki is a beautiful cat! Love the nail polish too. ;)

Momma/Deb said...

You are such a nutty girl Katie!! Love the new cages! Love, Momma

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