Monday, June 8, 2015

Bathroom Progress

Now that the house is painted, we're able to start putting stuff back "together".  The bathroom is 95% finished. I bought some shelves months ago, way before the pipe ever broke in February.  I want to put them over the toilet, so that's really the only thing left to do in the bathroom.

This is the bathroom before.  Ugly plain cabinet, ugly light.

This is the bathroom the night the pipe burst. Water everywhere, insulation everywhere.  The water ruined the bottom of the vanity, so it had to be replaced, along with the flooring.  Since we had everything torn apart already, we went ahead and bought a new light fixture. I hated that cheapo one that was in there before, and I had been wanting to replace it.

Here it is pre-floor replacement.

And the new floor. It's pretty similar to what was there before, but nicer.

New floor

And here's the after!

The paint color is Sherwin Williams Grayish.  It looked slightly violet the first few days, but we're used to it and it's looking gray now.

I just can't wait to get the shelves up and put some decorative stuff on them to add in a little color.


Becky said...

Wow!! What a beautiful bathroom!!! I love the vanity and it makes the bathroom look like a magazine bathroom! :) I love the color and the new shower curtain too! Great job picking out all of the finishes!

Momma/Deb said...

It came out beautifully hon!!! I LOVE it! Good job and great choices! Way to go! Love you, Momma

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