Thursday, August 21, 2014

Road Trip Part 3

While we were in Florida, we did a little sight-seeing.  We crossed the bridge over to A1A, and went to a local beach.  I snapped a few pictures of some of the neat houses on the way. The pictures were taken from the moving truck, so sorry they're not the best.  Part of what I love about traveling is seeing the different styles of architecture.

We went to Bathtub Beach, named that because there's an arch-shaped reef that makes a protected swimming area.

If you look closely, you can make out the ring of the reef in the background.

Marc heads out to the water!

David sits, contemplating the meaning of life.  Or just thinking about how hot it is.

Marc's girlfriend, Amanda.  It's nice pointing a camera at someone and actually having her *smile* at you.  Hint hint, David.

Beach selfie!

We saw several of these....turtle nesting sites!

Fun in the truck on the way back from the beach..

I like this picture....we look so carefree!  Well, I do. David is concentrating on driving.

Then, the main reason for our road trip....a wedding!!!  Saturday we went to a wedding. We didn't have to travel far...only a few yards!   Like most Florida afternoons, the weather was not great.  We saw huge storm clouds rolling in!  My camera was having a hard time adjusting from the air conditioned cabin to the very humid outside.  Amanda is wearing a dress, I promise...

Jamie, the bride, was arriving to the beach by boat, and we were all nervous watching the sky getting darker. Would she be there in time?!  Luckily, she got there before it started storming.  As the wedding party gathered on the beach, the coolest thing happened.

A ray of sunshine broke through the clouds and shone down on them!  It was very neat.  The ceremony went without a hitch. I cried.  I cry at all weddings!

A picture of the happy couple.

Right as we all made our way under the huge tent, it started raining.  And raining. And raining.  But everything was bright and colorful under the tent, so nobody minded the rain.

And then we ate, and danced, and had a good time.  This picture is right before David stabbed me in the hand with his skewer.  It was an accident, or so he says.

Such a cute cake!

These 4 have been friends since childhood.  They all grew up together...Jamie, Marc, David, and Millie.

After the wedding had passed, we did some more sight-seeing.  We went to Florida Oceanographic, in Stuart Florida, which was very close to Bathtub Beach.  This was a neat place.  They had lots of fish!

We were able to pet sting rays!  That was really cool..they'd swim by and come up under your hand and let you rub them.

They had lots of pretty tanks inside, with neat things.  I love the starfish.

They had a huge outdoor lagoon with lots of fish and a few sharks.  The fish below is a sheepshead.  How cool!  (I just did a google search and learned sheepshead fish have lots of teeth...they look just like human teeth...very creepy)

And they had a few very large turtles that had been rescued.

There was a large statue.  I couldn't resist getting a picture with it.

And that's the majority of our trip to Florida.  I'll do one last post of our trip back north.  Looking at these pictures really makes me want to go back!!


Becky said...

I want to go on your vacation with you NOW! Can we go back in time?? Looks like you guys had a great time at the beach, wedding, and checking out the sea creatures :)

Momma/Deb said...

What a wonderful trip you had! I love all the things you did and saw! What a nice wedding and I love her table aquariums!! I wish I could have pet kind of fun! Thanks for posting them Katie! Love you, Momma

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