Friday, April 18, 2014

New Camera Testing

I recently turned 33 and my birthday present was a splurge.  It's double duty, mostly for taking pictures of soap and other Purl & June products, but also a camera for family pictures.  David did some researching and one of the cameras he found was the Canon EOS Rebel t3i.  It got great reviews as an entry level DSLR, but still is capable of professional work too.  I got a kit that came with a camera and 2 different lenses.

The camera came in the mail on Wednesday (yay for Amazon Prime and 2 day shipping!) and I charged the battery right away but was too intimidated to do anything else but look at the camera sitting in the box.  Yesterday I got brave and turned the camera on and took some shots.  Most of the shots are of the dogs, and of items on the coffee table.  I can't wait to use it more and try really hard to read the manual.  My ADD comes out when I have to try to read long instructions, but I really want to learn about what this bad boy can do!

Here's a sample picture. I hope to be posting lots more pictures, and hopefully I'll be worthy of this camera's potential!

I can already tell is a huge, huge improvement over my $40 Black Friday special camera!


Becky said...

Woohoo!!!! LOVE the pic! Very nice! I can't wait to see more pictures and learn more about your camera! Hopefully one day I'll get one of my own... and you can teach me how to use it! ;)

Momma/Deb said...

What an amazing difference a
'real' camera makes!! I am so happy you splurged on yourself! We all need to do that a few times in our lives! I know you'll get good use of it with your businesses and enjoy the family photos you can now take! Have fun with your new 'baby'! Love you, Momma

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