Sunday, November 24, 2013


It is cold and blustery out today.  What better to do on the windiest day of the year but put plastic around the rabbit cages?  We had put tarps up temporarily, but today we took those down and really wrapped the whole thing with plastic.  If the rabbits have a wind block, they should be fine outside in the winter.  The only exception may be if there's a new litter or if we're going to get abnormally cold stormy weather.

I think they should be pretty snug now, and I plan on adding a flap over the opening so we can totally block the wind on the colder days. 

The lone baby rabbit is really growing fast.

The goats are not happy at all about this cold weather.  Their coats are all puffed up and they're staying hunkered down. 

The buck should be going back home soon, which will be nice.  He's a perfect gentleman, but fewer mouths to feed is always nice. 

The sheep don't seem to mind the cold weather. I guess if I was covered in wool I wouldn't care either!  The dogs didn't really mind it either. They were too busy playing with their sticks.

And lucky Tucker got to come inside for a while today (he's normally outside since he won't use the litter box reliably) to snuggle and stay warm.  He loves snuggling with the kids.

We've got the pellet stove going and are staying comfy on the couch watching tv! Is it cold where you are?


Becky said...

Great job with the plastic! I'm sure it wasn't an easy job in the wind. Remember ripping all those strips of newspaper for our rabbit's bedding as a kid? :) I'm glad everyone was warm and cozy on such a cold day. Tucker is so cute. It's too bad he can't remember where the litter box is all the time.

Momma/Deb said...

You can feel the cold through the photos! The rabbits look so cozy! Lucky bunnies! Great job getting everyone ready for winter! Love you, Momma

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