Monday, June 17, 2013

Operation Take Back the Garden

This side of the garden isn't looking too shabby.  I mulched it pretty early, and it seems to be doing pretty well.  The stupid wire grass (bermudagrass) is coming in on the far right aisle. 

The peas are doing really well.  I just got my second harvest tonight.  We should be able to get one more and then they'll be done.

I can't wait to shell them!

The cabbages are getting big, but the bugs are starting to get them.  Hopefully it won't get too bad, or else I'll need to find a way to control them.

The beans are in the row to the left, and the tomatoes and a couple squash are on the right. 

Then....the mess.  I never mulched or even planted the other side of the garden and the weeds are taking over.  Tonight we all tackled the marestail and then I used the stirrup hoe to get more of the smaller weeds out. 

It's getting there!  I think another evening or two of weeding should get it done. Then I'll mulch it too.  I think I'll plant some winter squash or maybe a little bit of Indian corn or popcorn.  Something fun...

I'm growing borage this year for the first time.  I saw it on the Squash Blossom Farm blog, and I always thought it looked so pretty! 

And one of my blueberry bushes has a few berries on it!  I can't wait until the bushes get really productive. 

It was a nice evening to be out in the garden though.  Doesn't it look like the Man in the Moon on the left?


Becky said...

Nice work!!! Look at your blueberries! The borage is pretty :) Great job on the peas! I love shelling them, too. Great gardening!

Momma/Deb said...

I forgot to tell you that I LOVE your borage!!! Those sky blue flowers are so gorgeous! Love, Momma

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