Monday, July 23, 2012

Kylee is 7!

 Kylee turned 7 on Saturday, so to celebrate, we went to a neighboring county fair.  It's a teeny little fair, but we still saw lots of cool things. 

These little mini horses were so cute! 

And we saw lots of pigs!  They were sleepy things!                                                                                                              


This pig was so cute sticking its tongue out!     


And there were just a few lambs there.


And a few goats.  I wanted to buy this pretty girl.


The kids liked petting this beef steer (or cow, I couldn't see).


And there were lots of elegant dairy cows.


And we saw some neat entries in the home arts building. 

We got rained out of the fair after a little while, so we went home and had a pizza party, then cake and ice cream!

I think Kylee was excited!

She LOVES her new doll, named "Sophia".  She spent the rest of the weekend changing Sophia's outfits! 

Time sure flies, and next year I feel like I'll be posting that she got her driver's license!


Momma/Deb said...

What a wonderful birthday for Kylee. I want you to be in charge of my next birthday! What a lucky and loved little girl for sure! Are you sure she's not 16? he he I love her doll and am so happy she loves it! The goat is gorgeous and the lambs so clean! Is your Pig pig the same size as those fair pigs? I know you are ready to send her to the next phase of her life! What a great post hon! Love you, Momma

Becky said...

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! :) Looks like you guys had a great day. :) I love seeing fair animals!

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