Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Look Out!

Yesterday I mowed the pasture. The animals had been on it for a while and had eaten down a good bit except for the tall seed heads which are too tough to eat. Mowing keeps everything nice and even, and keeps the grasses growing. Plus, it helps control weeds as well.

Oh yeah, and it looks pretty. :-)

I was zooming about on the mower when something caught my eye!

It was this little guy and about 4 of his siblings.

After I mowed carefully, I went back to make sure I didn't accidently get one before I saw them out there. This little one was fine, but he was so still I was able to pick him up. I just love baby bunnies, and in the spring our yard and pasture is like bunny central!

So cute!

I love their ears...

And how cute are these feet?

The pic below looks like I'm squeezing him, but I swear I'm not.

Then I put him right back where I found him and left so he and his siblings could re-convene in the nest. I'm sure he went back and told them all the story..."You'll never believe what happened to me!"


Becky said...

Wow! Look at that green, lush pasture!!
That little bunny is so cute! He looks terrified. :) He's probably repeating to himself, "Momma said to hold real still..hold real still.." It has to be hard to mow with a field full of rabbits!

Allison at Novice Life said...

Awe! Wow, amazing you were able to pick him up!!

I wish I could get in our pasture to mow...if this rainw ould ever stop!

Mark said...

Bet he's boasting to all his siblings... "I did it!! I did it!! The human picked me up and I'm still here!!! Now who's with me for a raid on her garden!!!" ;-)

Kim said...

Oh so cute! It did look like you were choking him. Too funny.

Deb said...

How lucky you got to hold a baby bunny!! He is so very cute! Like Mark said, now he'll feel more comfortable trying to raid your garden!! he he Thanks for those photos! Love, Momma

Dad said...

Awesome Katie. First of all your pasture looks wonderful. Secondly the rabbit is so cute! lol I'm glad you have such a good eye. Love you, Dad

Jennifer said...

So Sweet. They are so stinkin cute :) Glad you didnt mow them over!

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