Sunday, March 27, 2016

Catch Up

Here are some pictures of what's been happening around here lately.

We got a few inches of snow the first weekend in March.  It was a wet snow and clung to everything. Very pretty!

I got my hair partially dyed blue!  I wanted something fun, and figured a pop of color would be fun!  It's hidden under the top layer of hair, so it's not super obvious right away.  I love it. It's been about 3 weeks now, and it's starting to fade a bit, so I will probably have it dyed again in a couple weeks. I may add some purple in next time!

I hadn't made a cake in a while, so I made a rainbow cake. Fun with food coloring!

Elmer loves to follow the sun beam around and lay in the warmth, even if that means he has to lay on boots!  Silly boy.

My brother and his fiance just bought a house, so we went for a visit and helped them get some work done before they moved in.  David and Chris worked on patching drywall, and I primed one of the bedrooms.  Devin and Kylee helped with a little bit of everything.

Peppa, one of the New Zealand does (rabbit doe, not goat doe) had a litter of kits.  She had 9, and 7 are still with us.  This is her second litter, although she didn't make a nest for the first litter and they all froze.  She's doing a great job so far with this litter.

We dyed eggs yesterday, and Angie, Isaac, and Ernest came over.  David and Ernest stayed outside talking to David's Aunt Nancy, and the rest of us got to work.  I forgot to get pictures of the finished eggs!

I was making deviled eggs, and I saw how some people put the hard boiled egg white in dye, and then they have Easter colored deviled eggs, so we tried it with a few of the eggs. It looked neat, but I prefer my deviled eggs white I think.

We had lots of dye left over, so I put it to good use. I got some white roving and had some fun making some rainbow roving.

I'll have to get a better picture of the dry roving.  I'm surprised at how bright the colors turned out!  Now that I look back at these pictures, I notice a theme.  I guess I've been a little tired of the dreary winter, because I have been loving lots of color lately!

Kylee helped me make some egg rolls today.  We baked them, instead of frying them. They were pretty good, but I added too much ginger to the filling. I'll have to tweak my recipe (no recipe, just a little of this and that tossed in a bowl) and try again.

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Momma/Deb said...

I love that you make your own egg rolls and that Kylee helps!! I also love how colorful you make your fun: the deviled eggs were pretty but I'm with you. I loved the cake and the roving. I hope my birthday gift to you goes with your theme.

The kids are growing so fast! The baby kits are amazing. I didn't realize that they pull that much fun! They are delicate little animals...guess that's why they have so many so quickly.

I am so happy you were able to help Chris and Nikki with their house! I can't wait to see it! I can see how intently Chris is listening to David's advice!

I hope you are having a great week with Beck. Love to all of you, Momma

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