Sunday, January 24, 2016

Shoveled-Out Sunday

We finally started to thaw out a bit today.  The sun was shining bright and warm enough to start melting some of the shoveled areas, so moving around isn't as difficult.  My neighbor surprised me again by bringing over his snowblower, and he cleared our entire driveway and up near my car, plus gave me a little pathway around to the side of the barn.  It took him about 20 minutes...and would have taken me forever to shovel!

The dogs were SO excited (well, Buford especially) to be out and have a clear area to walk in.  I took this little video of Buford, who wouldn't contain his excitement.

The dogs think the paths are their own racetracks.
I finally got paths shoveled out to the animal areas. It makes it so much easier to feed instead of trying to walk through all the deep snow. 

I cleared around the sheep gate so I could open it, instead of climbing over it.  Plus I cleared a path for them to get to the waterer.  They haven't been drinking much, and I even put a bucket of water right in their shelter. I saw Bean eating snow, so that explains it. I guess they'd rather eat snow than drink.  
I heard a bunch of geese landing in the field next door, so I walked allll the way out there to see if I could get some pictures.  The snow geese landed first. 
Then I heard a bunch of upset geese and the Canada geese landed.  By the time I got out there to take pictures, there were only about 50 Canada geese left. They saw me and didn't stick around.  I did get some pretty snowy farm field pictures though.
And a few of our place.

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Becky said...

How wonderful of that neighbor!! That was so nice. Buford is adorable and I love how the dogs use the path as a race track! Great job shoveling that long path! What a ton of snow you guys got!

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