Sunday, August 2, 2015


 My new favorite way to cut watermelon.  It's so easy to eat!

I've been fighting with a black snake who kept creeping into the nest boxes.  I chased it out once, then relocated it once.  I found this scene one morning, and I had had enough.  I finally had to kill the snake. I hated to do it, but I couldn't keep losing eggs.

Grazing time!  And a little snack of watermelon.

We had some piles of manure and hay to clean up, and we rented this little loader from our local rental place. Man, that thing was awesome!!  It was worth every penny!

I picked blueberries and froze them.  I picked around 9 lbs, but ran out of time to pick more.  At least I have some in the freezer for this winter!

David bought a new project car.  He had a Mustang when he was younger, and has been wanting another one for a long time now. He found this one recently and decided it was now or never.  It had some rust under the hood, so David and his friend Jeff did some sandblasting.  Actually, Jeff is the one sandblasting. David was there for moral support and assistance.

The kids have been working with their 4-H lambs because the fair is in a week! Yikes!

Kylee wanted to sew a project to enter in the fair, and she chose a cute cape with a hood. She found the cutest fleece fabric.  We spent this weekend whipping it up, and she did just about all of the help minus just a tad bit of help on my part.

Her hair is so gorgeous. She likes to wear it in a pony tail all the time, but it's so pretty when it's down!  Maybe one day I'll convince her to leave it down.  :-)

And Happy Birthday to my dear husband today!!   We went out to eat and I told him my present to him was NOT telling the waitress it was his birthday.  He hates people making a fuss over him.


Becky said...

Wow! So many great things going on! That little loader sure did a great job! Everything looks so nice! The lambs look wonderful. I love their fluffy legs. Great job on the cape, Kylee! I love it! Your hair IS gorgeous! Happy Birthday, David!

Forever The Adventurer said...

Bad luck about the snake. But if it didn't learn the first time, there wasn't much else you could do. I love the cape!

Momma/Deb said...

What a great post! The cape turned out wonderfully and she looks so pretty in it! I love the kids with their lambs and good riddance to the tenacious snake! The farm area looks great with the clean up! Way to go and Happy Birthday again to David! Love, Momma

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