Sunday, July 5, 2015


I'm spending a lot of time this weekend trying to get my yarn/fiber stash organized. We put together a new's pretty big, but I'm doubtful it'll hold everything.  Before I put yarn in it, I'm taking pictures and entering it in my stash on Ravelry.  Once it's on Ravelry, I can keep track of what I have, and it'll keep me from having to dig through my stash when I want to find some yarn.

Buford likes to follow me and keep me company while I'm in the basement, and his favorite spot is on the ottoman. He didn't care if there was yarn on there, as long as he could curl up next to it.  And the cat, Chilli, is just being a pain and getting in the way. What is it about cats? They know you're trying to do something, and they pick that time to suddenly need love and attention.  Yarn balls help distract her.  :-)

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