Sunday, December 21, 2014


My White-breasted Nuthatch is back!  They're such pretty birds.
Our Christmas tree is up.  
And my little trees are in the kitchen. I love them!

The house lights are up, and I'm embarrassed to say that the ones on the roof were up year round. Oops!  Can you tell which one is the new strand?  They'll definitely be coming down after Christmas this year!
I got a new mat from Dad and Lisa. I love it!

There's a Christmas tree lot near my office, and each year I get free branches they cut off the bottoms of the trees.  I made this centerpiece using free greenery and candles we already had.  
And I put some greenery in a couple of stockings and hung them from the front porch pillars. It's an easy and cheap (free) way of decorating. I love free!

Elmer and Kylee got in some snuggle time this afternoon.

Our loaner buck, Stout, is here visiting. He's made fast friends with Ida and Nessa.  I picked him up on the 13th, and both girls looked bred on the 16th.  We should be expecting kids mid-May. I'm much later breeding the girls this year, but not having to worry about kidding in the cold weather will be nice!

Stout has the cutest little girly-voice.  Why is it bucks always sound so girly?

June is officially retired. She had a rough kidding last year, and I figured it was time to give her a nice, long retirement.  She deserves it.  

I couldn't miss this opportunity for such a nice picture of Barley. She's my big, stout girl and I love her.  
Her sister, Bean, is pretty cute too.  She looks like she took a porcupine butt to the face, with all that hay sticking out.  


Becky said...

Great pictures! I love all of your decorations.. especially the front porch stockings and the kitchen xmas trees! Your sheep are so cute and fluffy!

Momma/Deb said...

I can tell which light is new. Guess the rain washes off the color. I love how you decorated outside and the post stockings are so cute!!! Great job decorating hon! I grabbed some tree cuttings this year but never had the time to make anything with them. Mark sure was glad to sweep them out of the garage! I LOVE your two little trees in the kitchen! What fun! Love you, Momma

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