Sunday, October 14, 2012

All the PrettyGoats

 June and Ida, my does, have company at the moment.  Mammoth is still here, and so are Loretta and Dolly.  Loretta and Dolly are owned by June's former owners, and they're here to be bred. 

It's hard to get a clear shot of all 5 at once!  

Feeding time gets a bit chaotic. In the pic above, Dolly is on the far left, then Loretta, then June with the collar, then Ida in front, and Mammoth (of course) all the way to the right.

They have all been very well behaved and it's neat to look out and see so many pretty goats.

It's amazing to see the differences between goat behavior and sheep behavior. My two ram lambs are in with the goats. Until sheep breeding season is over, they can't be in with the ewes.  The goats definitely push the ram lambs around and I even sometimes have to give them their own hay away from the goats. 

Mammoth should be leaving today, and then Loretta and Dolly will go home sometime soon, so it'll be back to normal.  It's nice when things slow down for the winter. I dried June off last week, so I'm not milking anymore.  Once the breeding ram goes home, it'll just be my animals once again.  Chores are getting quicker and quicker, which is so nice!  I love the animals, but it's nice to have a break now and then!


Becky said...

That's quite a herd of goats! :) I love all the color variation. Very pretty goats, indeed. :) I know it'll be so much easier for you to be back to your small herd though.

Jennifer said...

I bet it is nice for you to look out and enjoy all the goats, they are pretty. Your right, it is nice for things to slow down in the winter.

Momma/Deb said...

It looks like an Oberhasli convention!! They sure are pretty things!!! You are kind and smart to help the other breeders!! June was one of your best ever farm purchases! Ida is gorgeous! Bye big smelly man goat! Love you, Momma

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