Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I'm in love with LHOTP, or Little House on the Prairie, if you're not down with the lingo. My sister read the books to her daughter, and got us hooked when she visited us and read a chapter or two while here.

I got LHOTP from the library and read a chapter or two a night to the kids. We really enjoyed it! In fact, I may have liked the book more than the kids liked it! We didn't realize there's actually a book before LHOTP, called Little House in the Big Woods, so we read the first two books out of order.

It is so fascinating to read about how they lived. They were true homesteaders! I'm amazed at the stuff Pa did, like build a cabin pretty much by himself. They really worked so hard for everything. Last night we finished reading Farmer Boy, which is about Almonzo Wilder, Laura Ingalls's future husband. Farmer Boy has by far been my favorite book. He lived in New York with his farming family. I loved hearing about their meals (they had apple pie for breakfast!), their non-stop farm and field work, and Almonzo's love of animals.

If you haven't read this series, I highly recommend you do! They're written for kids to enjoy, but they're definitely fun reads for adults as well. Here is the list of books in the series.


Becky said...

Aren't those books great? The kids and I learned so much about that time in history by reading them. We were so sad when we finished all of the books. I wish I could have had Mrs. Wilder's yarn, loom, crafts room!

Patrick said...

I loved Farmer Boy. I read it when I was little and it was always one of my favorite books. Another book I always loved was "A Day No Pigs Would Die" but I think that your kids might be to young for that one still because I think we read it in middle school.

Ohiofarmgirl said...

hey baby - stop by my place...i have something for you and its not bacon

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